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Round Up, Pay Down

Round Up, Pay Down

PhotoThere are a few tips you can follow to pay down your mortgage debt sooner that sound so simple, you'll wonder why everyone doesn't follow them.

One tip is to round up an uneven monthly mortgage payment to an even amount, and watch how even a small increase can make a big difference. For example, call and ask how adding just $50 a month to your mortgage payment can allow you to pay off your mortgage sooner, and slash thousands off your interest payments.

Where can you find an extra $50, $100 or more "extra" money a month? As any financial advisor will tell you, it's in the little things – brewing your own coffee before you leave home, reading the news online instead of subscribing to a daily newspaper, packing a lunch and reducing your restaurant or fast-food lunches to a once-a-week treat instead of a daily habit are just some suggestions.

Another tip, if you get paid bi-weekly, is to pay your mortgage on the same schedule. Paying bi-weekly as opposed to monthly is another way to pay off your mortgage faster without even noticing. Again, you can save thousands in interest payments with this little change too!

Please call for more ways to make paying off your mortgage faster, more efficient and cheaper!

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