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Retirement reality check for baby boomers

(NC)-Are you dreaming of an early retirement full of travel, golfing and more time at the cottage? If so, you may want to meet with your financial advisor to see if it can become a reality.

"Retirement has been redefined because people are living longer and many have been overspending in this consumer-driven economy," says Stephen Reichenfeld, a wealth counsellor at Fiduciary Trust Company of Canada. "If you still haven't paid off your house and have credit card debt, it's probably best to delay retirement and start saving more." 

Make lifestyle adjustments.
Review your spending habits and make some hard decisions with your advisor's help. Would it be possible to downsize your house now that your children have moved out? Do you really need two cars? Would it be possible to delay that European dream trip? Seek financial advice from someone who can see the big picture and ensure that your plan will help guarantee a long and successful retirement. More information on retirement planning is available on websites such as www.fiduciarytrust.ca.

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